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How To Add Glamour Into Your Life On A College Budget


Just about everyone is on a budget in college, always trying to make the most of the little money they have. Food and school supplies are always at the top of the list when it comes to financial priorities, which is understandable. But, what if I told you that you could add little pops of glamour into your life that will barely make a dent in your pocket? And it will be fun too! Here are some ways that you can keep the glamour in your life while living on a college budget…

Have your favorite artwork or illustrations printed at the drug store for inexpensive wall decor. I can’t stand blank walls, especially the drab prison cell-like ones that most dorms have. During one of my last semesters living on campus, I wanted to create a gallery wall but the prints and canvases sold in home decor stores were way too expensive.

This is when I went on Pinterest, pinned some of my favorite artworks and illustrations, and sent them to be printed at my local CVS. I got tons of photos, including 8×10’s, printed for under $20 (I also had an online coupon which are easy to find through a quick Google search). I got creative with some washi tape and BOOM, I had myself a gallery wall! My room felt so much more like home by personalizing the space. Click here to read how I did it step by step!

Create a capsule wardrobe. If you have never heard of the term, a capsule wardrobe is a small set of clothes (usually around 15-20 items, shoes and accessories included!) that are completely interchangeable, making creating multiple outfits super easy. I recommend creating your own capsule based on the clothes you already have and wear often. Then, head over to the mall or your favorite store to get any items you don’t have. Focus on versatile and classic pieces that will go with anything. This strategy not only saves space in those cramped dorm closets but allows you to have tons of fashion freedom and endless combinations!

Create a capsule makeup collection. Living on campus is all about making the most of the little space that you have. So that means having a bunch of large makeup palettes just won’t work! A capsule makeup collection is the same concept as the clothes one, but with makeup! Once you’ve got your trusty collection put together, place it all in a handy makeup bag or in a drawer organizer.

Pimp out your supplies! This is always super fun. Anything that can have stickers or fun designs on it, do it! If you’re a master doodler, go nuts on one of your notebook covers. Or buy a pack of stickers from Michaels (they always have super cute ones like these that are usually on sale) and deck out your laptop or binder. Click here to see a binder I customized during my Spring 2016 semester!

Become a plannerista. It was college that introduced me to the planner life and I am never going back! With classes on different days, club meetings, and much more, every college glamour girl needs some kind of daily organization tool. Since it has become super trendy, you can find stylish planners almost anywhere from Target to Michaels and even in Etsy shops! I like to write in mine with different colored pens and use stickers to decorate each week to make everything I have to get done a little more enjoyable to look at!

So what is the best part about all of these tips? A lot of the supplies I mentioned can be used over and over again! A large pack of stickers will last awhile, a planner will last at least a year, and you can use your printed photos in your dorms until you get tired of looking at them.

What have you done to make your college life on a budget a little more glamorous? Let me know in the comments!

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