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This week marks two years of running Glamorously Nicole and with that date approaching, I have been thinking a lot about the progress this site has made. Two years ago, I didn’t know anything about running a blog. Photography, SEO, web hosting, web design, and everything else blog-related was a foreign language to me. Despite that, I read every article, watched every YouTube video, and attended every webinar eager to learn what I didn’t know so that I could transform this site into what I knew it could be. 

It was in the fall of last year that I realized how much potential this site, and myself, had which is when I made the decision to take it more seriously and think of it as a business rather than a hobby. I rebranded, redesigned the site, and tightened up my niche. Along with that, I increased the amount of hours spent working on it. I enjoyed this new perspective… but not the results.

Glamorously Nicole has always been a place of honesty and I don’t plan on stopping that now. That is why I am going to admit that I am getting the same amount of traffic on this site as I did a year ago with a sh***y site design and inconsistent articles. Can you say “frustrating”?

The numbers aren’t the problem – growth is. Something is wrong if zero growth, in either direction, is occurring and that is an issue if I want this to be a full-time business for myself in the future.

Spending what is equivalent to a part-time job every week on this site in addition to my full-time job is taxing. With a promotion and increased hours at my day job, my whole life is going to need a recalibration! I say all this to say: I will be taking a break from Glamorously Nicole.

I LOVE working on this site. Frustrations aside, I have had a blast learning new things and working on something that truly makes me happy. This is why Glamorously Nicole is not going anywhere! Nothing that brings you so much happiness should be let go because of some difficulties.

I am going to spend time recalculating, redesigning, and recalibrating until I get it right. In the meantime, I will continue the Glamorously You Newsletters  (to stay in touch, of course!) and remain active on social media. And the site will stay right here where it belongs for your reading pleasure.

Wish me luck on my journey and I wish you luck on yours! See you soon 😊

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